What activities could funding support?  


We need financial support to enable students to take part in activities, study tours, and workshops. The list reflects the ‘menu of activities’ we would like to fund. 

Instruments in short supply

Provide a starter instrument for students for whom buying an instrument would otherwise be too costly.
Estimated cost: £100 – £850 each

Extra-curricular workshops

We would like to purchase workshops to deliver additional opportunities in Samba, African drumming, Rock and Pop.
Estimated cost: £50-100/hr

Extra-curricular coaches

In addition to the small music team, we would like to include expertise from coaches to provide ensemble coaching on a weekly basis.
Estimated cost: £1200 per coach/year

Equipment for Bands

Battle of the Bands, Wholeschool, Wembley Music Centre, Gear4 music, PA mixer bundle, two speakers, Xlr cables, live channel mixer.
Estimated cost: £1350

Masterclasses & beginner workshops

Recital workshops for Year 10 to 13 performers.
Estimated cost: £50/hr

Djembe & Samba drums

Drumming equipment required, and workshops in world music to compliment this. 
Estimated cost: £30-£150 per Djembe drum, £17 per case, £500-£700 for full Samba set for 10 people

Support for individual/ group instrumental lessons & feeder Primary schools 

Encourage students to start learning an instrument from an earlier age. Develop better Key Stage 2/3 links.
Estimated cost: £300 per term for instrumental teachers, workshops and cover required

Improve platforms for creativity

IT equipment such as Macbook Pros for Key Stage 4/5. Ten required for North Site.
Estimated cost: £1300 each