“After two years of lockdown restrictions, we now have the chance for a transformative, unique adventure and study opportunity for some of our students. A group of thirty-two Year 12 students for whom travel would not normally be possible will be funded to spend two weeks in Finland and Estonia. Supported by a Turing Scheme and British Council grant, we will partner with local schools, learn about sustainability and culture and develop personal skills through group travel. We need your support to fund activities on the trip.”

Charlotte Richer (English teacher and Academic Enrichment Coordinator)

Without financial support, this will not be possible

The grant received only covers flights and basic costs of living. It does not include activities, study tours, workshops and ‘upgrades’ (such as meals out or a train journey). We will spend half our time working with our partner schools but we would like to be able to give students experiences unique to Finland and Estonia:

  • £40 enables one student to explore Finnish forestry
  • £80 enables one student to go ‘aurorae hunting’
  • £200 enables the whole group to have a guided workshop and talk

We will split time between three locations with new school partnerships in each base: Rovaniemi; Helsinki and Tallinn. Students will be staying in hostel dormitories. 

The trip lasts from 4 April – 19 April 2022

It has three themes: sustainability; culture; and personal development. Students will undertake a project around these themes before, during and after the trip. Students have been carefully selected for the trip after an extensive application process. With 181 applicants, the trip was competitive. We prioritised students for whom travel of this kind would be most transformative:

  • 16 students are in receipt of free school meals
  • 14 students have special educational needs affecting communication or social interaction
  • 6 students have caring responsibilities.

We have a ‘menu’ of activities which you can read about here.

Local Business Donors

Your support will give students an unforgettable and life-changing experience. We know that learning outside the classroom can empower students, unlock their potential and help them to embrace (safe) risk.

We would love to speak to any businesses who might sponsor the trip, either by funding a larger-cost activity (£200+) in full or by a general donation. In return, we can offer media features, social media exposure and credit in trip reports.