MUSIC 2023


After two years of restrictions, Cherwell is looking forward to re-engaging students with their musical talent. Music should be a staple of school life, but the beating heart of the school is currently silent. The department was vastly impacted by Coronavirus; singing, music-making, extra-curricular activities and instrumental lessons came to a drastic standstill in March 2020.

Students (including at GCSE and A level) were unable to do practical work; teachers were required to move between non-specialist classrooms, adjusting the curriculum to fit. We are very proud of the work Year 11 & 13 students have managed to produce, despite their adverse conditions. Please support our appeal to get the school making music again.

Now that the music can play again, Cherwell urgently requires funding to organise equipment, instruments, workshops and bespoke coaches to enrich the curriculum and extracurricular clubs, enhancing every student’s school experience. View list of potential activities

“Here at Cherwell, before the pandemic 450 students learned a musical instrument in school; we are currently down to 35 in Years 7, 8 and 9. Where previously our Senior Orchestra had numbers of 65 – impressive in comparison with other settings – there are not enough learning orchestral instruments since the pandemic to run this. The String Orchestra is down to five students. As a department, we are constantly working to redress the balance, and provide substantive opportunities now that we can resume practical activities.” Ellie Hollindale, Faculty Leader Performing Arts.

Our 2023 vision for music covers five themes:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Teamwork
  3. Culture
  4. Diversity
  5. Inclusion and Resources

There are not enough students taking up an instrument, and we want to make sure they are able to. Cherwell only has a small team of three staff to provide the many planned opportunities.

Additional support is required from individuals or organisations who understand the great benefits of music to students, the school and the wider community.

Without financial support, it will not be possible to provide the broad opportunities for the curriculum and lunchtime and after-school clubs.

Please support Cherwell and Be A Friend