We have remarkable students in Cherwell. They value what they have and are proud of the school and their achievements. However, we know that students would benefit more from library spaces that reflect the value there is in reading. We also want students who are not avid readers to see that reading is something valuable. We want students to walk into our libraries and feel they are in a vibrant space. We want them to know that these are places that they can and should use. The south site library is relatively well-stocked and is well-used. It’s a bright room with a fantastic shape (semi-octagonal!) but currently the most is not being made of the space. Changes are needed to make the room feel vibrant.

The changes that need your financial support:

  • REDECORATION – £7,800
    Repainting, new carpet and blinds, reposition projector and screen
  • NEW FURNITURE – £5,800
    Tables, modular seating area, better chairs, book shelves
  • ONLINE ACCESS – £3,200
    A set of Chromebook computers for access to online resources
  • MORE BOOKS – £2,200
    Around 200 extra books


Libraries always need more books. As a school, we have worked on developing our curriculum that demonstrates breadth and depth across the subjects in KS3. We are proud of the curriculum we offer. To extend this provision, we aim to invest in books that allow students to read around what they learn in lessons.

We would like to buy a range of books (particularly non-fiction) to support some of the wider concepts at the heart of what students learn in lessons. For example, if a student is particularly interested in the concept of democracy, they might read around the Suffragette movement (history), and link this to the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King (citizenship), or the importance of The Blues and protest music (music).

We want students to walk into our library, see these important concepts, and have the opportunity to read widely around what they have learnt and take joy and pride in what they know. Additionally, we would like the library to reflect the people at the heart of our curricula with a variety of books that enrich knowledge. For example, books on Aristotle, Aphra Bhenn or Greta Thunberg would enrich what is taught in class.


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