Last year we raised over £70,000 for the school to spend on making life better for its students:

  • providing every child in need with a Chromebook
  • refurbishing the South Site Library
  • creating a new North Site Library
  • adding extra outdoor seating and recreation areas

Thank you to all our Friends for your fantastic support

Providing more Chromebooks

The Chromebook campaign was a huge success, providing hundreds of extra machines. They’ve been vital for students to access lessons during lockdown and self-isolation, and continue to be essential for work both in class and at home. Knowing that every child has access to a Chromebook has enabled the school to raise the level of its online capability, to benefit all its students.

Many thanks to Oxfordshire Community Foundation and the Doris Field Charitable Trust who gave us large grants to help, and many thanks from the school to Lucy Electric who generously donated 25 Chromebooks.

Refurbishing the South Site Library

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos say it all. Students on South Site can now enjoy a far more welcoming and better equipped library. It’s been redecorated, with new carpet, blinds and furniture, some Chromebooks for online research, and a growing selection of the latest books both fiction and non-fiction. Building and improving the collection is an ongoing commitment by The Friends.

Creating a new North Site Library

More good news is that a space was identified to convert a couple of little-used rooms in the art block into a new North Site Library, with a small sanctuary of calm for any student needing to take time out for a moment. The space was being used for overflow teaching capacity because of social distancing and zoning, but major conversion work has now started and will continue during the summer break. The new library should be ready for the start of the school year in September 2021.

Adding extra outdoor seating

Sociable fresh air spaces are good for student well-being at all times, with or without a pandemic. So we’ve been helping the school to add a steady flow of new picnic tables and benches on both sites, to repair and improve the seating area in the Humanities Garden, and to add to the number of oudoor table tennis tables for students needing to unwind.

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