“Reading is a central part of the daily experience at Cherwell. All students in KS3 and KS4 have a reading book and all lessons start with silent reading. In KS3, there is a 30 minute reading homework every day. We have staffed libraries on both sites. We also have an annual Festival of Reading which starts 24th February this year. This is a two week celebration of reading with a variety of events in school. It’s the perfect time to broadcast the excellent work that happens at Cherwell to support reading. It’s also a perfect opportunity to highlight the financial support we need to help create an exciting and inspiring environment that reflects the value we place in reading. We want our libraries to feel invested in, in a way that we are unable to provide with the usual school budget.” Lyndsey Caldwell, Assistant Headteacher – Teaching and Learning English

As a split-site school, we have two libraries. This means that resources that are already stretched are divided over the two sites:

“Of course, the most important aspect of any library is its books and we have done a good job over the years of providing a range of new and varied texts across all key stages. We also invest in staff – Dr Bonsaver, our library manager, is a fantastic resource. However, both libraries are much in need of refurbishment and investment. Our target budget to cover the work is £30,000 to be spent in 2020. With your support through the Friends of Cherwell we can and will make this happen. Thank you for your support.” Chris Price, Headteacher

Why do we think reading is important?

Research shows that reading for pleasure:

  • is associated with higher levels of health, happiness and well-being
  • can improve self-esteem and empathy
  • improves general knowledge and cultural capital
  • improves relationships with others – as an individual and as part of a wider community
  • is associated with increased academic performance in all subjects

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