A redeveloped sports ‘hub’ to include a floodlit all-weather sports pitch on the south site

Projected cost: £1m

The school may need to raise: £500,000
We’re already half way there!

Potential completion: Winter 2020

Result: Better sports facilities for all students plus a new asset for the community

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The benefits of school PE in enhancing wellbeing, team working and academic achievement are well understood and make sport a cornerstone of the national curriculum.

Sadly, Cherwell’s sports facilities have long fallen short. The south site sports fields suffer from poor drainage and in winter can become unusable, so all physical education becomes limited by the lack of space in the gyms and hard play areas. 

The school, with the PTA, has developed proposals to help solve the problem. There will be a new floodlit full-size all-weather football pitch, high quality grass pitches and a redeveloped sports pavilion (to include a café/dining facilities).

The estimated total cost is £1m. We are fortunate to have gained the support of the FA/Football Foundation but much of the initial funding will need to come from the school. So there remains a shortfall of approximately £500,000. That’s the target for the school to raise, and discussions are already under way with other potential major donors too.

The new facilities will not only benefit current students but also provide extra revenue to the school when hired to the local community outside school hours. We see this as a genuine community resource which will make a significant difference to this part of North Oxford.

The project is well advanced. Consultants have been appointed to work on the detail, and construction is currently scheduled for Winter 2020. The Steering Committee is chaired by Niall McWilliams (Managing Director of Oxford United) with Summertown Stars FC and Mansfield Road FC as key partners. 

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