Not only do we want students to value reading in the libraries at school, we also want them to see libraries as a resource to use in the future. We want them to visit the libraries in their local communities and know what is on offer. Using good libraries at school will encourage our students to make greater use of public libraries beyond school. We have big plans for our north site library and have already made some changes. This library has been split into a KS4 (upstairs) and KS5 (downstairs) in the sixth from study area. It has not been as well-used as our south site library but we plan to change this rapidly.

The changes that need your financial support:

    Repainting (in-house), materials only
  • NEW FURNITURE – £4,800
    Modular seating area, better chairs, book shelves
  • ONLINE ACCESS – £3,200
    A set of Chromebook computers for access to online resources
  • MORE BOOKS – £2,200
    Around 200 extra books


We would like to offer:

  • more up-to-date range of books – as well as current Young Adult fiction, we would like to offer eg. Booker or Pulitzer Prize winners and nominations
  • more alternative reads – e.g. contemporary poetry anthologies or non-fiction texts eg. Robert Macfarlane
  • floor-to-ceiling wooden shelving – so the space feels studious and reflects the value of reading
  • a set of Chromebook computers – to enable students of GCSE/ A Level especially to take advantage of a range of academic articles and resources more akin to the provision in public libraries

Finding space on north site is a challenge and so the KS4 library does not have a dedicated space – it is a shared space. So it does not feel like a coherent space or a celebration of reading. We have bought some portable shelves that will allow us to respond more proactively to the shared space and ensure the space feels bookish and can revert back to a classroom or training room as needed.

We have also moved all of our KS5 fiction upstairs and turned what was our KS4 library into the Fiction Library. This re-brand will be launched after half term in February 2020 alongside the Festival of Reading.


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