Cherwell School has a long and successful tradition of parent engagement in school life. There’s always been a great commitment throughout the community not only to volunteer time and expertise, but also to help raise vital funds to provide extras and enhancements to benefit the education of its children. 

Today all fundraising is focused through the Friends of Cherwell, an independent registered charity run by parents and former parents, here to make a sustainable impact year-on-year.

Our support comes from Friends across the whole school community.

Together, our regular donations can make an even bigger impact for Cherwell’s children. Please support Cherwell and Be A Friend.

Message from the Head – Chris Price

“It is such a privilege to be Headteacher of this wonderful school. I began here as a newly qualified teacher in 1992 and it has been a joy to spend my working career in such a vibrant, inspiring place.

It is sad however, that while the school has continued to grow and thrive our facilities have not been able to match this. It is in this context that the support from the Friends of Cherwell over the past two years has been vital. The Friends have helped us to fund projects and developments that otherwise would not have been possible. This year for instance the Friends have provided a complete new set of outdoor furniture for our students across both sites. This has helped our students to socialise safely during the period of the pandemic. Equally we have been able to fully refurbish our South Site Library and create a new North Site Library. This will help us build a love of reading across our student body – something which is a whole school priority moving forward.

Another of our key priorities moving forward will be to focus on the personal growth of our students. We are so alert to the things which many of them have missed out on during the last two school years. Within the classroom this has often been those practical experiences in (for instance) Science labs, Design workshops and Drama studios. Outside of this it has been the extra-curricular clubs, events and trips which are the parts of the school experience which young people value so much.

The Friends want to support the school to not only build these elements back in but to make them better than before. Their fundraising target for 2021-2022 is even higher than this year, with a commitment to support the school in backing projects and providing resources that will allow all our students greater opportunities for personal growth.

The Friends provide the school a lifeline that allows us to enhance the learning experience for our students. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all the parent/carer community who have supported the Friends so far and who will offer their further support as we move forward.”

Together, our regular monthly donations can make a huge difference